How to measure your table?

Don't know which tablecloth works for your table? Ideally, the tablecloth should not stick out more than 30cm (11.8”) from the edges, avoiding that your guests are uncomfortable with the fabric when moving the seats towards and away from the table.

  1. Take a tape measure, ideally, it can measure up to 300cm long (118.1”)
  2. Place the tape measure on one of the edges of the table and measure the long direction of it, write down the measurement on a piece of paper.
  3. Do the same with the shorter side of the table, write down the measurement.
  4. Add 50cm (19.7”) to each of the measurements noted so that the tablecloth falls from the edges of the table 25cm (9,85”) on all sides. We recommend adding max. 60cm (23.6”) to your measurements for a 30cm (11.8”) drop.
  5. Find the measurements taken with the OSLÉ home decor standard measurements (below). 



  • 4-6 Seat Dining Table: 150cm x 220cm (59” x 86.6”)
  • 6 Seat Dining Table: 150cm x 240cm (59” x 94.4”)
  • 8 Seat Dining Table: 150cm x 270cm (59” x 106.2”)
  • 10 Seat Dining Table: 150cm x 310cm (59” x 122”)


If you can’t find the measurement for your table, go to our “Custom Made” section.

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